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Cr Antonella Celi

Antonella is an Independent and not a member of a political party.

She works with members of State and Federal Parliament who are interested in ways to invest

and achieve the best results for the people of the Mornington Peninsula.

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

Antonella Celi was elected in a by-election in 2010 for the Truemans Ward and then in 2012, 2016 and 2020 as one of three Councillors to represent the Seawinds Ward, an electorate of the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

Seawinds Ward includes the townships of Tootgarook, Capel Sound, Rosebud, McCrae, Dromana, Safety Beach, Mt Martha (up to Hearn Rd) , Red Hill (the Summit) 

In her role as Councillor and former Mayor in 2014, Antonella continues to work closely with local residents, community groups, business and organisations on key Shire Strategic Plans and Policies to help deliver on important projects and services to the Seawinds Ward and the broader Mornington Peninsula Shire community.

A Seawinds Ward Councillor for the past 10 years,, Antonella adds her professional knowledge and experience to important decisions and has seen the achievement of many outcomes and delivery of local projects like the Aquatic Centre in Rosebud, upgrades to community buildings, sports reserves and support for many community groups.

With the impact of COVID-19 on our local community and economy, Antonella is determined to continue her work to:

👉advocate on issues

👉address the challenges

👉focus on opportunities and

👉seek Local, State and Federal government resources and funding to support our projects in Seawinds Ward and across the Peninsula.

Now is a time to act and instill hope for a positive future direction.

A believer of advocating on behalf of the community across a broad range of topics and issues, Cr Antonella is willing to listen and understand the concerns faced by the community.. By understanding what the community or an individual is concerned about, then work can begin to find a solution that may assist or improve the situation. Antonella may not have all the answers but is willing to research, advocate and discover as much as she can to provide further guidance, referral or networking opportunity.

Cr Antonella is keen to continue to work closely with local residents, community groups, business and organisations on projects of key importance to the Seawinds Ward and the broader Shire community. As your Councillor, she works towards matching local government resources, programs and services with the needs of the community; advocate for community issues and concerns; foster community goodwill and relationship building; and inform and educate the community on options that are available to them through the Shire.

 A resident of the Mornington Peninsula Shire since 2004, Cr Antonella lives with her family in Dromana. Her career has included working as an Executive Assistant in PR and Marketing firms; Complimentary Health Therapist and Remedial Massage practitioner; Laboratory Assistant manufacturing herbal and homeopathic medicines; Corporate mailroom co-ordinator; house cleaner, homemaker, a mum, volunteer committee member.  

“Let’s work together to enhance the Social, Economic & Environmental Wellbeing of Our Community”

With over 10 years experience in Local Government, Cr Antonella Celi has contributed her experience to advocate for the people of the Mornington Peninsula and has been appointed to numerous Shire Representative and Advisory Committees.

Current Member & Cr Delegate committees 2021-2022:

Current Member & Cr Delegate Committees 2021-2022


Appointed Representative:


■Audit and Risk Committee

■Communities that Care

■Health and Wellbeing Committee (Chair)

■Mornington Peninsula Cemetery Trust


Appointed Representative (sub):


■Literacy Advisory Committee

■Triple A Housing Committee

Member & Cr Delegate committees 2020-2021:

Appointed Representative:

■Communities That Care (CTC) (Chair)

■Health & Wellbeing Committee (Chair)

■Mornington Peninsula Cemetery Trust (Chair/Appointed Trustee)

■Positive Ageing Steering Committee (Chair)

■Triple A Housing Policy Reference Group (Chair)

■Innovation Advisory Committee

■Councillor Consultative Group - Market Stewardship

■Councillor Consultative Group - Future Workplace Strategy 

Alternative Cr Delegate Representative:

■Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Forum

■Peninsula Advisory Committee for Elders (PACE)

Current Member of the following other Committees and Associations:

■MAV Human Services Committee

■Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA)

■Australian Local Government Womens' Association (ALGWA)

■ More Women for Local Government Forum and social media FB Page.

Past Associations and Cr Delegate Committees:

■Ministerial-Mayors Advisory Committee (Mayoral delegate 2014)

■Arts and Culture Advisory Panel

■Audit Committee

■Community Renewal (Chair)

■Community Consultative Committee on Responsible Gaming

■Disability Advisory Committee (DAC)

■Inter Council Aboriginal Consultative Committee (ICACC)

■Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities Award

■Mornington Peninsula Tourism Inc

■Mornington Peninsula Literacy Advisory Committee

■Metropolitan Transport Forum Delegate

■MAV Professional Development Committee

■Rotary Club of Dromana

■Rotary Club of Mount Martha lick here to edit text

Ex-Officio Member:

■The Seawinds Community Hub Board

■ Chisholm SMP Connect Advisory Group

Mornington Peninsula Shire Statutory Committees:

Chair & Member 1/7/20-24/10/20

■Planning Services Committee

■Forward Planning Committee

■ISection 223 Submission Committee 

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

“I have worked with Antonella on the "Communities That Care" Committee and am most impressed with her attitude to Community programmes. She was chosen to be one of the leading speakers of that programme launch. Antonella is prepared to “Grasp the Nettle” and stand up for what she considers will best suit the Shire, I do not always agree with her on some issues; however I have no hesitation in voting for her”

Ian Lyons, Safety Beach

Ian Lyons, Safety Beach

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

As a creative industry professional, I have seen the local landscape grow immensely in the past couple of years. Antonella is the number one person who has stood out as a major supporter of the arts community. She has been physically present at many creative events, in amongst the people, listening and encouraging artists and lovers of art. Cr Antonella Celi is a superhuman with a big heart. She has always been there to listen to the Peninsula’s creatives and shown massive support within the arts community. Supporting music events and advocating for a thriving music scene.

Heidi Louise Luckhurst - President, Peninsula Music Network

Singer-Songwriter at Heidi Louise

Heidi Louise Luckhurst - President, Peninsula Music Network

Singer-Songwriter at Heidi Louise

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

"Antonella is a wonderful long standing supporter and advocate for Arts and Culture across the entire Mornington Peninsula"

Anthony Pope - President, Peninsula Chamber Musicians

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

The Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation is extremely grateful for the financial support they receive from the Mornington Peninsula Shire and in particular from Antonella Celi. We provide financial scholarships for students studying at Chisholm TAFE and with Antonella's incredible support we have been able to provide grants for 100% of eligible applicants on the Mornington Peninsula. Antonella has an amazing insight of the Mornington Peninsula community, its challenges and the importance that access to education and training can help develop a vibrant and prosperous community.

Robyn Campbell - Executive Officer

Caroline Chisholm Education

Robyn Campbell - Executive Officer

Caroline Chisholm Education

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

I think of all the wonderful causes you support and the compassion, empathy and understanding you have for the Seawinds Ward community. The support you provide, championing the underdog and encouraging those with the resources to take on a more active role. Thank you Cr. Antonella Celi and you deserve a landslide victory you are there for everyone.

Judy Cooper -

Co-ordinator, Salvation Army - Honelessness

Councillor Antonella Celi caring for the Mornington Peninsula community

"I personally thank you for your for your efforts on Council, and though we may not always have seen eye to eye on some issues, nevertheless I admire greatly how you who have sacrificed yourself in the service of the community over the last few years. It is an unbelievably difficult job. I wish you every success in the coming Council elections should you decide to re-nominate for Council."

Ken Dyer

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