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Tidy Town Awards 2013 MPS Winners

Posted by antonellaceli on October 13, 2013 at 6:35 AM

The Mornington Peninsula Shire had winners in the following categories at this year's 2013 Tidy Town Awards  held in Wycheproof. :

Congratulations to the following winners:


Litter Prevention - Westernport Secondary College Hastings


Community Action Leadership - Hastings Community House


Gift Fund Prize $1500 - St Josephs Crib Point for Mangrove Regeneration


Hastings and Rye were nominated as Finalists in the Tidy Town of the Year Award but the


2013 Tidy Town of the Year went to Wangarratta.


An outstanding effort by the MPS community who were nominated across many Tidy Town Award Categories this year.

Point Nepean National Park and Quarantine Station Masterplan

Posted by antonellaceli on April 25, 2013 at 6:15 AM

Point Nepean National Park and Quarantine Station Masterplan.


"The Victorian Government has released the Point Nepean National Park Master Plan and announced its intention to run a commercial Expression of Interest to seek private sector investment in development of the historic Quarantine Station precinct."


In years gone by it was mooted that a National Centre for Coasts and Climate educational facility development headed up by a University would compliment the use of the Quarantine Station Precinct.


The Masterplan seeks to place strict parameters around the kind of EOI's that would be accepted for consideration in the development of Point Nepean.


A copy of the Masterplan and answers about the EOI process can be found at this link:

For the media release readon on at this link...

Tootgarook Wetlands C135 Amendment to the Planning Scheme

Posted by antonellaceli on February 13, 2013 at 9:30 PM

R1038 Tootgarook Wetland (part) –12 St Elmos Close, Rosebud West Rezones from a Residential 1 Zone to a Public Conservation and Resource Zone. Protects the land from inappropriate development. 2. R1040 Former landfill areas:119 Truemans Road, Rosebud West; Applies the Environmental Audit Overlay to land that is potentially contaminated. Council adopted the inclusion of the above items in the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme C135 Amendment without having to go through an appointed panel process. Application will be made to the Minister for approval. For the complete list of Items that were under consideration for the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme C135 click on this link...

Community Survey on Warringine Park Hastings

Posted by antonellaceli on January 6, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Community Survey on Warringine Park - Hastings Mornington Peninsula - Your feedback is welcome..or if you would like to visit Warringine click on this link to find out how you can meet up with a ranger for a tour and chat.


Working Towards a Tootgarook Wetlands Strategy

Posted by antonellaceli on December 20, 2012 at 7:50 AM

A significant milestone has been reached by the Rosebud West/Tootgarook community with the establishment of two Advisory Committees by Council that will provide a framework for the community and stakeholders to inform and develop a Tootgarook Wetland Strategy. Membership to these Committees will be via Expression of Interest which will take place in 2013.

With mounting environmental and development pressures surrounding the Tootgarook Wetlands, the community sought to take action to raise awareness of the Wetlands and advocate for greater protection and conservation of the environmental values to be found in the Tootgarook Wetland Catchment.

Since 2011 Council has been engaging with the community as well as State Statutory stakeholders to seek feedback and information about the Tootgarook Wetland Catchment This resulted in a Discussion paper being presented to the Council and a subsequent decision by Council to investigate the development of Advisory Committees to inform the development of a Tootgarook Wetlands Strategy.

On Monday, 17th December, 2012 the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council unanimously adopted the following recommendation:

Moved: Cr. Celi Seconded: Cr. Gibb

1. That pursuant to Section 3 (1) of the Local Government Act 1989 Council establishes the advisory committees referred to as ‘Tootgarook Wetlands Strategy Working Party’ and ‘Tootgarook Wetlands Stakeholder Advisory Committee’.

2. That Council authorises the Director – Sustainable Environment with the:

A. Appointment of members of the Working Party and the Stakeholder Committee;

B. Reimbursement of members for any out of pocket expenses related to their advisory committee activities; and

C. Operation of the advisory committees.

3. That Council adopts the charter for the Working Party as shown in Attachment 1.

4. That Council adopts the charter for the Stakeholder Committee as shown in Attachment 2


That the recommendation be adopted.

The reports, attachments, Committee Charters and more information can be found at this link:



Water Act Review - Community Feedback neeeded

Posted by antonellaceli on December 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM

Tuning into the MAV Water Act Review via Webcast so I can listen in onThe Water Law Review Forum. An opportunity to get an overview of the Water Law review, discuss the key issues being considered and provide an opportunity for comment on any other issues associated with Victoria's water legislation.

Why do we need a Water Law Review?

The Government is carrying out a comprehensive review of Victoria’s water laws to deliver a streamlined and effective legislative framework for water management and use in Victoria. Especially as it relates to the Murray-Darling Water Basin Plan.

Community comment: Community and Stakeholder Feedback will be accepted up until 21/12/12

Input and feedback from key stakeholders are a key part of the review. This will ensure the amended Act best reflects the needs of our urban and regional communities and irrigators.

The Water Law Advisory Panel will identify proposed improvements to the legislation which it will test with key stakeholders at targeted forums across the state in late 2012.

The community and stakeholders are welcome to provide comment on key aspects of the review by Friday 21 December 2012.

Please email any comments on the review to

Tootgarook Wetlands on the Mornington Peninsula

Posted by antonellaceli on November 21, 2012 at 11:00 PM

On 12th September, 2012 the Mornington Peninsula Shire sent a letter to the Mr Tony Burke, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communitities seeking assistance for the nomination of a RAMSAR listing for the Tootgar...ook Wetlands as per Council reslution on items relating to the Tootgarook Wetlands on the Mornington Peninsula. A response is yet to be received. In the meantime the Mornington Peninsula Shire is proceeding to talk to local & state stakeholders and statutory referral authorities about the collaborative preparation of a Strategy for the Tootgarook Wetlands. This is to ensure that the Tootgarook Wetlands not only remains protected from the impacts of future development pressures, but also that the long term sustainable preservation of the Tootgarook Wetlands as a hydrological and ecological contributor to the environment, is taken seriously.

This video provides a glimpse of the importance of the Tootgarook Wetlands to the local and broader community of the Mornington Peninsula Shire and to the the flora and fauna that is now flourishing in the area. Watch it now.

"The Council sends a letter to The Hon. Tony Burke MP, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities seeking his consideration and assessment for the nomination of the Tootgarook Wetlands, as detailed in this discussion paper, for a Ramsar listing in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act."

For a complete listing of the resolutions passed by Council for the Tootgarook Wetlands item 2.7 click on this link:


Dog Walking Review Parks Victoria

Posted by antonellaceli on October 25, 2012 at 6:15 AM

Parks Victoria has released a discussion paper to review dog walking issues that have arisen in the National Parks on the Mornington Peninsula. Dogs that are "off leash" are creating a nuisance and disturbing, harrassing and attacking fauna and wildlife found in our National Parks, especially the protected hooded plover bird species. You can have your say in this review by filling in a feedback form found at this link.

Mobile Detox Your Home Weekend coming up!

Posted by antonellaceli on October 23, 2012 at 1:55 AM

The "Mobile Detox Your Home" service will be available on 17 November 2012 from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM at FINGAL and 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM at MORNINGTON. Detox Your Home and dispose of your dangerous and unwanted chemicals that are lying around the house. Click on this link to see the video and be sure to Register to use the service. Drop off address will be provided when registered. The Shire also provides Detox Your Home permanent facilities details can also be found at this link.