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Experience of Violence in Australia & ABS 2012 Personal Safety Survey Results

Posted by antonellaceli on January 30, 2015 at 12:55 AM



The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) released the ABS 2012 Personal Survey Results in December 2013.

With renewed community interest, discussion and debate it is becoming more relevant to take a look at the survey results and identify the areas where violence is more prevalent in our society.

The Flagpost article summarises the findings of the Results.provides a link to the survey and relevant statistics and tables of collected data.

As a sample in the experience of violence for males and females since the age of 15 the following is noted from the results:

•An estimated 3,018,700 (35.7%) men did not know the perpetrator. For those men who did know their perpetrator (2,255,900) (26.6%) it was most likely an acquaintance or neighbour (873,600) (10.3%), friend (402,000) (4.7%) or previous partner (336,300) (4%).


* women were far more likely to experience violence by a known person (3,106,500) (36.6%), either by a partner (1,479,900) (11.2%) (current or previous) or boyfriend/girlfriend/date (990,700) (11.3%)." refer table 4






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