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Councillor Antonella Celi 

Seawinds Ward - Mornington Peninsula Shire

My Blog

My Blog

Perspective on "Natural Gas Ban" on Mornington Peninsula

Posted by antonellaceli on June 16, 2021 at 9:50 AM

In response to Cr Steve Holland - Mornington Peninsula Shire “Natural Gas Ban” post - a simple context and perspective needs to be given https/

�Does Local Government have the legislative powers to ban private use of gas or gas appliances outright ? ❌NO

�Can Local Government influence Local, State Planning Schemes and Policies about Environmental Sustainable Design, gas and gas appliances in buildings? ✅YES

�Did MP Shire make a decision to ban gas at the Planning Services meeting on 15th June? ❌NO

�‍♀️So, what was the decision at the Planning Services meeting on 15th June all about then?

Item 3.1 dealt with a report to Council to join MAV and CASBE Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment’s Zero Carbon Environmentally Sustainable Development Planning Scheme Amendment Project.

�That’s why at the Council meeting I had to ask important process questions about:

❓Implications of the Project on the Shires C232morn ESD Local Policy?

❓ what community consultation will be undertaken? and when?

❓ what are the principle outcomes of CASBE?


Find out about:

 ❓what the State Government, the Municipal Association Victoria and CASBE have to do with State ESD Roadmap and Planning Policy Framework and State Climate Change Act. https//

❓how the work of the State Government, CASBE and MAV influence the Shire’s C232morn ESD Local Policy Amendment that will go on exhibition in November 2021.

❓ where community consultation fits into the process.

�‍Where are the references to gas phase out Cr Holland is on about?

You will find the references in the Climate Emergency Plan that has been adopted by Council on 25th August, 2020 on Pg. 34; Item 3.5 pg 57 and Item 4.3 of pg59


�� My view is that the choice to use electricity, gas or to transition to renewable energy sources

should be consumer driven with access to all available options at an affordable market price

Watch the video clip below to hear the answers to my questions at the Planning Services Meeting here:

or view the whole session that starts 11:15 mins - 3.1

Categories: Environment