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The Members section of the website has been set up to create a communication forum for the Seawinds Ward community to connect with Cr Celi.. Topics and discussions are welcome.

I look forward to welcoming you as a Member and keeping in contact with updates, news and views..

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Antonella Celi

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Website and Member Page Etiquette:

1. This page respects an individual's right of expression.

2. Posts that contain what is perceived or seen to be offensive language, bullying and slanderous behaviour by that I mean wording that falsely accuses without evidence or fact, is discriminatory or is deregoratory in nature or undermines the integrity of an individual or group of persons will not be tolerated. Such posts will be removed immediately.

3. No spam or selling/advertising permitted unless permission is given by the moderator.

4. Remember, this is a public members page so it is your responsibility to use your judgment and discretion when posting on a topic of discussion. If you don't want it known do not pubicly post it here.

5. Robust discussion may occur on this page, that's fine, as long as it doesnt breach point 1 or 2. Or posts will be removed.

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