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What I have achieved during my current term as Councillor 2010-2016

Posted by antonellaceli on October 5, 2016 at 8:45 AM

A Councillor since 2010 I have worked to achieve many outcomes for the community of the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

•$5.4M investment into Destination Rosebud improvements Jetty Rd precinct, Village Green, Sound Shell, Rosebud streetscape

•Support for the Mornington Peninsula Localised Planning Statement that was the first of four statements to be finalised by the State Government and introduced under Ministerial Direction No. 17 Localised Planning

•New regional nature based playground in Rosebud

Changing Places toilet and change facility for people with a disability

•Improved transport options Route 887 Penbus and Peninsula Transport Assist service for residents

Men’s Shed for Rosebud and Dromana

•Establishment of community gardens Dromana

New toilet amenity at Vern Wright Reserve Rosebud West

•Tootgarook Wetlands Management Plan development through stakeholder engagement.

•Advocacy for the Seawinds Community Hub and Rosebud West Action Plan initiatives

•Advocacy and support for local learning and employment opportunities for young people through FMLLEN and Chisholm SMP Scholarships.

•Advocacy for repairs and upgrade at Dromana Preschool

•Rosebud West shopping precinct maintenance of tree plantings, street furniture and sealing of unmade car park.

•Footpaths for Rosebud West & Tootgarook included in the MPS Footpath Strategy

Fresh Food Access SecondBite program Rosebud

•Safety Beach Foreshore Placemaking Project

•Masterplan development for new Pavilion at Olympic Park Rosebud

•Support for the new chairlift at Arthurs Seat

•Advocacy to State and Federal Government to securing funding for roads, streetscape and township infrastructure

•Served as Mayor in 2014

•Council Delegate to the All Abilities Consultative Committee ■Arts and Culture Advisory Panel (Chair) ■Communities That Care (CTC) ■Health & Wellbeing Committee (Chair) ■MAV Professional Development Committee ■MAV Human Resources Committee ■Mornington Peninsula Cemetery Trust ■Mornington Peninsula Literacy Villages Advisory Committee (Chair) ■Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism ■Peninsula Advisory Committee for Elders (PACE) ■Pet and Pony Expo ■Positive Ageing Steereing Committee (Chair) ■Sustainable Communities - Tidy Town and Clean Beaches Awards ■Triple A Housing Policy Reference Group (Chair)

•100th Year Anniversary ANZAC First Shot Commemoration Speech at Pt Nepean

•Supported the adoption of many Council plans, strategies and policies:

Disability Action Plan

Positive Ageing strategy

Health & Wellbeing Plan

Arts & Culture strategy

Carbon Neutral Policy

Economic Development Strategy

Marine Precincts Plan.


Advocating for Community Needs

Posted by antonellaceli on September 28, 2016 at 7:20 AM

During my term as Councillor of the Seawinds Ward (2010-2016) I have advocated on your behalf to make sure that local government resources are matched to community needs. With your support I can continue with the good work on behalf of our community. Council achievements during my term as Councillor: $5.4M investment into Destination Rosebud improvements at Jetty Rd precinct;$34.4M Capital & Priority Works Projects: $10.2M Road Infrastructure Projects;$8.2M to improve community buildings;$3.5M drainage improvements; $3.4M parks, streetscapes and open spaces;$40K placemaking grants Seawinds; $16.8M Grants from State and Federal Government; $24.31M Priority Works ??? $300K Jetty Rd/Old Cape Shanck Rd Roundabout; $80K Olympic Park Oval Lighting; $35K unmade carpark construction Rosebud West Shops; $2.78M Priority Projects: Community gardens Dromana; Mens Shed Rosebud and Dromana; $75K Creative Peninsula Program; $46K Local History; $75K Tootgarook Wetland Management Plan and Biodiversity Research; $75K Creative Peninsula Plan; $60K Southern Peninsula Arts Program; $40K foreshore services and all abilities access; $50K Bay Trails and Network Pathways; $6M Aged and Disability Services; ???Let???s keep working together to enhance the Social, Environmental & Economical sustainability and wellbeing of Our Community??? Is there a local issue that concerns you? Call: 040 351 4110 or Email Facebook at Vote 1 CELI, Antonella for Seawinds Ward Website:

The Reserve at Marshall & Leonards St Tootgarook

Posted by antonellaceli on December 20, 2012 at 7:55 AM

In 2010 residents were concerned about the state of their local reserve at Marshall St, Tootgarook. It was open space so cars would drive on through, rubbish was being dumped there and the vegetation was overgrown. I was approached by the community to do something about it, so with the support of Council officers attention was given to finding a solution in consultation with residents who live there. During the last two years South East Water has used the site as their depot while they were doing sewerage works in Rye, upon vacating the site SEW committed to contribute towards the remediation of the site - that was so good of them to make that offer for the community. A brief masterplan was drawn up for the reserve to turn into a leash free, recreational reserve for the community to enjoy. The remediation of the reserve is progressing slowly but surely.

I was really happy when recently the fencing around the whole reserve was completed - thanks to officer advocacy and SEW monetary contributions. The reserve is now starting to look a lot more decent for the local community to enjoy the leash free and I can't wait for playground and the rest of the amenities to be installed.

ALGA Case for Change: Constitutional Recognition for Local Government

Posted by antonellaceli on November 29, 2012 at 9:10 PM

"Why local government needs to be recognised in the Australian Constitution" the ALGA Case for Change.. The campaign is well underway with the establishment of the Joint Parliamentary Committee to look into the possibility of establishing ...a referendum for the National Constitutional Recognition for Local Government. The direct funding of Local Government by the Federal government will provide more options for revenue raising for Local Government .. this is a good thing because it would allow for more projects to be deivered to local communities without having to rely so heavily on local revenue raising from rates and charges or limited State government funding. The equitable direct distribution of Federal Funds to Local Government would significantly contribute to closing the burdensome funding gap that currently exists in the on the ground delivery of local programs, services and projects to the community. On 24th October, 2011 the Mornington Peninsula Shire resolved to support amendments to section 96 of the Constitution for Financial Recognition; Democratic Recognition and for a stand alone referendum.


Tootgarook Wetlands on the Mornington Peninsula

Posted by antonellaceli on November 21, 2012 at 11:00 PM

On 12th September, 2012 the Mornington Peninsula Shire sent a letter to the Mr Tony Burke, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communitities seeking assistance for the nomination of a RAMSAR listing for the Tootgar...ook Wetlands as per Council reslution on items relating to the Tootgarook Wetlands on the Mornington Peninsula. A response is yet to be received. In the meantime the Mornington Peninsula Shire is proceeding to talk to local & state stakeholders and statutory referral authorities about the collaborative preparation of a Strategy for the Tootgarook Wetlands. This is to ensure that the Tootgarook Wetlands not only remains protected from the impacts of future development pressures, but also that the long term sustainable preservation of the Tootgarook Wetlands as a hydrological and ecological contributor to the environment, is taken seriously.

This video provides a glimpse of the importance of the Tootgarook Wetlands to the local and broader community of the Mornington Peninsula Shire and to the the flora and fauna that is now flourishing in the area. Watch it now.

"The Council sends a letter to The Hon. Tony Burke MP, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities seeking his consideration and assessment for the nomination of the Tootgarook Wetlands, as detailed in this discussion paper, for a Ramsar listing in accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act."

For a complete listing of the resolutions passed by Council for the Tootgarook Wetlands item 2.7 click on this link:


Draft Waste Management and Resource Recovery Policy

Posted by antonellaceli on October 29, 2012 at 9:15 AM

Have your Say: Waste Policy Review:

The Draft Victorian Waste & Resource Recovery Policy has been released. The public is invited to make submissions until 5pm, Friday 23 November 2012.


Fix the Potholes & Improve Road Conditions

Posted by antonellaceli on October 15, 2012 at 11:30 PM

FIX THE POTHOLES and improve road conditions: Many residents of the Mornington Peninsula have expressed their concerns about the conditions of our roads and in particular the pot holes. Our road system is partly owned by Shire and then the majority of the network is owned by VicRoads (State government). The Shire is aware of these issues and has scheduled works for repairs as soon as the weather is more appropriate to fix the potholes i.e. the hot mix asphalt is the best to use but wet conditions reduces its effectiveness. New techniques will be trialled by the Shire in future. In the meantime the State governments has released $45M funding towards road repairs so Council will advocate for our local roads owned by VicRoads to be repaired as soon as possible. Please report any major potholes that need repairing to the Shire customer service 1300 850 600 and if the section of the road belongs to VicRoads give them a call too on 13 11 70

Council Achievements for Cr Celi

Posted by antonellaceli on October 13, 2012 at 9:15 AM

The Rosebud Activity Centre Structure & Urban Design Plan

Posted by antonellaceli on October 10, 2012 at 9:15 AM

Great news! The Rosebud Activity Centre Structure Plan and Rosebud Activity Centre Urban Design Framework have now been approved. These now form policy documents that will be used to inform the future planning scheme amendment for the Rosebud Activity Centre and frame future precinct plans. Another step forward towards bringing life back to run down Rosebud and making it a vibrant town that the community will be proud to be a part of. "Creating livable townships that encourage social, recreational and economical benefits to our community"

Advocacy at Federal Parliament Canberra

Posted by antonellaceli on October 10, 2012 at 8:00 AM

Representing the community on issues that matter most to them at Federal Parliamanet and advocating to Parliamentarians on their behalf. Travelling up to Canberra for the National General Assembly of Local Government provided for opportunity to meet with Federal Parliamentarians.

Cr Celi was able to advocate to Parliamentarians on issues that included:

  1. Better access to public transport for the Mornington Peninsula
  2. Better access to education and employment opportunity pathways
  3. HACC (Home and Community Care) services - includign aged care services funding
  4. Cuts to TAFE Funding in particular on behalf of Chisholm in Rosebud
  5. The development of the Port of Hastings
  6. The NBN rollout for the Mornington Peninsula
  7. Better access to universities for our young people
  8. Advocating for eligibiity of educational allowances for our young people who travel off the Mornington Peninsula to pursue their education

Sitting face to face with Federal Parliamentarians who are wiling to listen and understand the concerns of our community is very important because decision makers need to know what our community is experiencing and how much we need additional investment in infrastructure, programs and services that matter most to the community.